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Kwangjangnim (Master) Samuel K. Bishaw Jr.

Born on the island of Hawaii in Hilo, Master Instructor (Kwangjangnim) Samuel K. Bishaw, Jr. knew at an early age his calling would be in the martial arts. At the time, martial arts was not popular and certainly not a credible way of making a living. Persuaded by those around him to go in a more practical direction, he entered the Navy after graduating from St. Joseph’s High School.

After several years in the naval submarine service, he left and pursued a college degree in business at Johnson and Wales in Rhode Island.

While in Rhode Island, Master Bishaw decided to study the martial arts and began looking for a good solid school and instructor. He found a new martial arts school opening one block from his apartment and in his early 20’s, Master Bishaw started his career in the martial arts. He trained under world-renowned Taekwondo Grandmaster Hee Il Cho who had several schools in Rhode Island at the time. Master Bishaw chose the grueling route of training seven days a week pouring in deep heart and intense passion. He received his Black Belt in an unprecedented 18 months. He then began teaching for Cho’s Taekwondo schools in Warwick, Rhode Island.

Twenty years later, after several successful business ventures and extensive travel, Master Bishaw returned to Hawaii with the dream of sharing his knowledge, not only in the martial arts, but also in the skills he learned in the art of living by building today’s children into tomorrow’s leaders. He opened a school in downtown Hilo. After a few years he decided to move to Oahu to see if he could find further success.

In 1998, Master Bishaw opened a school in Kailua, Oahu. What started as a small 1,200 square foot academy grew into a nearly 4,000 square foot Dojang. Master Bishaw has graduated numerous black belts and has developed a career program, which trains select black belt students in all phases of business operations and school ownership. Several of his black belts now enjoy a career in the martial arts as members of the Martial Arts Company. His instructors are also life coaches at several of the academy’s outreach programs in the elementary schools in the community. Master Bishaw attributes his success and prosperity to his deep gratitude and appreciation of the opportunities given to him by his Divine Master. The dream does not end here as Master Bishaw teaches, “One must continue to dream and manifest those dreams into form”. Master Bishaw continues to research and apply creative new programs into the curriculum. He believes that it is important to recognize all aspects of our being and develop them to the highest level of excellence. Then we can benefit fully in human existence and enjoy our experience as spiritual beings here on earth. Master Bishaw and his staff will continue to explore, learn, practice, and share our growth with whomever is receptive, and sends everyone love, light, peace, and harmony.

Master Bishaw has won numerous tournaments worldwide accumulating hundreds of awards over his 40 yrs. as a martial artist, but his greatest achievement has been, “preparing and guiding my students toward excellence and a high level of respect for all things.”

Master Bishaw is a member and seventh tester of the Ultimate Black Belt Team founded by Master Instructor Tom Callos. Callos’ Ultimate Black Belt test (UBBT) is a 13-month program that requires its participants (the test is open to black belts only) to perform a wide variety of tasks and challenges. Each activity is designed to create a personal transformation in the participant.

(UltimateBlackBelttest.com). Master Bishaw is also responsible for helping Grand Master Hee Il Cho move from New Mexico to Hawaii where he enjoys a successful school in Koko Marina Hawaii Kai.

Master Bishaw is a 6th Dan Black Belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do.


Sabumnim Keegan K. Ho

Started training: Nov 9th 1999 Started Teaching: July 2005 Rank: 4th Dan Black Belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do Instructor: Kwang Jang Nim Samuel K. Bishaw Jr.


• MAC Certified Instructor• Hawaii Kempo Championships - 1st Place Point Sparring, 2nd Place Point Sparring• Sparring Club Championships - 1st Place Forms, 1st Place Sparring, 3rd Place Weapons• A.I.M.A.A. Hawaii Tae Kwon Do Championships Apr. 18, 2004 - 2nd Place Point Sparring, 3rd Place Forms• 7th Hawaii Open Tae Kwon Do Championships June 12th, 2004 - 3rd Place Point Sparring

Personal Interests:

• MMA• Surfing• Basketball• Kickboxing• Body Boarding• Lifting Weights• Cruising with friends

Favorite Quote or Saying:

“There is no such thing as failure. There are only results.” – Tony Robbins


Sabumnim Jasmine Marzo-Lum

Started Training: March 1, 2001 Started Teaching: January 1, 2002 Rank: 4th Dan Black Belt in ITF Taekwondo Instructor: Kwang Jang Nim Samuel K. Bishaw Jr.


• MAC Certified Instructor• 2nd Place in Kumite Hawaii Kenpo Karate Championship• 2nd Place in Kumite at 22nd Annual Hawaii Open• 2nd Place in Sparring at 5th Annual Hawaii Open TKD Championship 2002• 2nd Place in Sparring at Annual Oahu Open TKD Championship 2002• 1st Place Forms and Sparring Aloha Martial Arts Festival 2003• 1st Place Forms 2nd Place Sparring 4th Annual Oahu TKD Championships 2004• 2nd Place in Sparring 7th Hawaii Open TKD Championships 2004• 1st Place in Sparring Tropic Lightening TKD Open 2004• 1st Place in Continuous Sparring at 2004 AIMAA World Championship held in Dublin, Ireland 3rd Place in Point Sparring at 2004 AIMAA World Championship Dublin, Ireland Amateur Kickboxing Record 1-0 (March 2014)

Personal Interests:

• Hiking• Foodie• Traveling• Martial Arts• Photography• Self-Improvement for Mind, Body & Spirit• Spending time and making memories with people I love.

Favorite Quote or Saying:

“That of which offends you only weakens you.”- Dr. Wayne Dyer


Sabumnim Martin R. Day

Additional Information

Started Training: February 2002
Started Teaching: October 2002
Rank: 4th Dan Black Belt in ITF Tae Kwon Do
Instructor: Kwang Jang Nim Samuel K. Bishaw Jr.

UFC bantamweight fighter.


  • • MAC Certified Instructor
  • • Multiple local and state tournament winner
  • • 2011 MAC Black Belt of the year
  • • 2004 World Forms Champion
  • • Professional Fighter
  • • Hawaii Featherweight Kickboxing Champion (January 2013)
  • • Destiny MMA Bantamweight Champion (November 2014)

Personal Interests:

  • • MMA
  • • Boxing
  • • Surfing
  • • Foosball
  • • Jiu-Jitsiu
  • • Tae Kwon Do

Favorite Quote or Saying:

“He who is possessed by nothing possesses everything.” - Morihei Ueshiba


Levi Robello, Kaili Ziegner, Jonah Willett, Brooklyn Elaban